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6 Reasons Why You Should Use Scrunchies Instead of Hair Ties | Sezen Musa

Hair scrunchies were a popular hair accessory in the 80s and 90s. However, these hair accessories have come back in style and many say that they are here to stay. There are so many reasons why they are dominating the market--and every girl's wrist--and here are some reasons why: 

1) Scrunchies help prevent hair damage

Anyone who has used a traditional hair tie has experienced the pain of removing it. There are almost ALWAYS strands of hair that get stuck in the hair tie and end up getting pulled out. Repeating this over and over again can be very damaging for the long term health of your hair.

Instead, using a scrunchie helps prevent painful experiences like the one described above. The fabric around the elastic acts as a barrier between your hair and the elastic, stopping your hair from getting pulled out from the roots. 

2) Scrunchies are great to sleep in

Add scrunchies to your night time routine! Satin scrunchies are especially soft and comfortable on your head. They keep your hair back without the discomfort of a traditional hair tie. Our ZOELLE scrunchie, is a great option. It is a large, soft scrunchie made of satin.

3) Scrunchies do not leave that terrible crease in your hair

Another perk of using a hair scrunchie is preventing the crease that often appears on hair--even after leaving your hair up for a short time. The dent across your hair is annoying and can be hard to avoid. Using a scrunchie is great to avoid this problem!

4) They are a great addition to your outfit

Scrunchies are such a cute accessory! They can make a basic outfit look put together and chic. They make your outfit go from average to eye-catching. If our ZOELLE scrunchie is too much of a statement for you, check out the more subtle INES Scrunchie. This is a great option if you want the added bonus of scrunchies, like limited hair damage, without the statement of a voluminous scrunchie in your hair or on your wrist.

5) Scrunchies are so hard to lose

Unlike the regular hair elastic, because of their color and size, scrunchies are harder to lose. While most of us go through hair ties like crazy, using a scrunchie makes it more difficult to lose because of how much larger they are. Ultimately, buying less hair ties reduces your fashion consumption too, helping out our planet. Whether you toss it into your bag or leave it on your vanity, the scrunchie will always be by your side and won't randomly disappear.

6) Scrunchies are timeless!

Scrunchies were such a trend in the 80s, and have come back but are here to stay! Celebrities were first seen styling these hair accessories in 2015, but scrunchies have remained just as popular today! They are a fashionable replacement for regular hair ties and are perfect for completing with your outfit. They have continued to a the star and are incorporated in outfits decades years later. 

These are just a few of the reasons you should use scrunchies! Check out Sezen Musa's scrunchie designs, whether it be shiny or matte, large or small. Our ZOELLE scrunchie is large and oversized, while our INES scrunchie holds a regular silhouette. Looking for something smaller? Our MARIA scrunchie is a thinner, more delicate option.

Can't decide which scrunchie to choose? Consider a scrunchie set to have matching scrunchie for all your outfits. 

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