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Get To Know Us


Sezen Musa is a modest, slow fashion brand. We believe that clothing should not go to waste and should only be made according to the need of others. We create staples for your wardrobe that are modest and elegant.

How Sezen Musa Started

Sezen Musa started with two sisters and a dream: to create a clothing brand that offered chic and versatile garments that did not compromise modesty. They wanted to offer garments that could be worn time and time again, styled and so many different ways.

Where We Are Now

We are currently based in California, USA. Everything from the design, to the construction of the garments, to even shipping out the orders are done by the two founders. 

How Our Pieces are Made

Each design starts with pencil and pen. Our in-house designer, Sezen Musa, works imaginatively with textiles and materials to create sophisticated designs. These designs are then handmade and developed by Sezen. These designs are posted onto our site. When an order arrives, Sezen constructs each order by hand according to the order. There are no piles of inventory collecting dust and no goods going to waste; each order is diligently crafted for you, the customer, according to your order.

Once the order is constructed, it is delicately packaged for you and delivered to your door.