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Handmade Slow Fashion

Sezen Musa began with two sisters and a struggle: a struggle to find well-made and chic clothing. This struggle evolved into dream to not only create classic and elegant pieces, but pieces that are slowly made to protect our planet. The sisters wanted to wear well-made clothing and not contribute to a cycle of fast consumption and even faster disposal of clothing. They aimed to cherish the Earth through their purchases. They made their dream come true in 2020. 

How is Our Clothing Made?

Every piece is designed and hand sewn to order by our in-house designer, Sezen Musa. This means that we make your order for you and no one else. Your garment is not collecting dust on a shelf, nor are our garments thrown to the dump if left unpurchased.

Follow the Process:


Elegance and slow fashion come together in Sezen Musa's timeless designs. Sezen sketches, drapes fabrics, and compares swatches to create classic garments for your wardrobe.


When we receive your order, Sezen begins to hand sew your garment for you. We do not make clothing unless there is a demand. Your piece is unique and made for you upon your request. The piece is not gathering dust on a shelf or made excessively, bound for the dump. The piece is made carefully with love to your order.


Upon completion, your garment is delicately packaged and shipped to your door. 

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At Sezen Musa, we create elegant and chic pieces for your wardrobe that you can wear time and time again. Our pieces are timeless and meant to be worn for years, not just a season, because we understand the importance of high quality clothing in reducing our impact on the Earth. Join us, and be mindful about your clothing consumption.

OUR Designs

What Makes Our Products Special

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100% Handmade

Your clothing is crafted diligently by a person—not a machine. Your garment is one-of-a-kind.



Finding timeless clothing is hard. We've made it easy to combine elegance and chic with our designs.


Made to order

Your order is made for you when you order. Your garment is not collecting dust on a shelf or at risk of being thrown away if it is not purchased.


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