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What is Slow Fashion?

The fashion industry is the second largest polluter in the world after the oil industry.

Slow fashion is a movement of designing, producing, and purchasing garments of good quality so that they can be worn time and time again. Simply put, slow fashion values quality over quantity. It encourages production schedules that are slower than average, fair wages, and carbon footprints that are lower than average.

Slow Fashion vs. Fast Fashion

Because it can be difficult to really compare the two, here is a chart comparing slow and fast fashion:

Slow Fashion Fast Fashion
Quality Garments are intended to last for years so they can be worn over and over again. Clothes are meant to be worn a few times and disposed with the arrival of new trends. 
Wages Garments are often handmade and garment workers are paid fair wages. 

Garment workers in most cases cannot support themselves off their wages, and instead work long hours. Their working conditions are often unsafe and harmful to their health.


Production Scale

Garments are often made in small to medium batches.

Some brands even make their garments to order. This ensures that there isn't any inventory sitting on a shelf collection dust or thrown away because it isn't sold.

Garments are often made in very large batches. If a particular style is not sold, it is often thrown away or burned. Brands often overproduce and cannot get the inventory off of their shelves. This waste ends up in landfills and in the ocean.
Location Garments are usually made locally. Garments are usually made in third world countries and then shipped all over the world.


A brand can be considered a "slow fashion brand" even if it does not fulfill all of the requirements above. 

At Sezen Musa, we aim to limit our impact in this endless cycle of overproduction by crafting your orders after you order, not before. Shop some our slow designs to discover elegant pieces bound for your wardrobe here.





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